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couples counselling

Kokoro offers a unique combination of Body Talk Therapy and ‘talk’ sessions for couples who want to heal, deepen, and develop their relationship. Our highly trained specialist approach emphasises the importance of compassion and self-awareness in any relationship we have.

Sessions are tailored to your needs as a couple and are built around establishing a compassionate awareness of each other’s vulnerabilities, strengths, and communications strategies.


Relationships often experience difficulties because partners are unaware of their own expectations and are uncertain how to manage their own vulnerabilities. Couples’ sessions unravel these complex systems of interaction.  Then Body Talk Therapy sessions take the issues to the core, addressing them on a cellular level, which helps each partner release negative patterns individually and in full confidentiality, lifting the burden through compassionate mindfulness and empowerment.


The whole process brings the loving vitality back to the relationship.

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When my husband and I began to consider having children, a swarm of pent-up issues came to the surface. All sorts of thoughts and emotions we had never realised. We found ourselves arguing about petty things and just couldn’t connect with one another.


It got so bad that we had to find a way out or undergo a break-up. We weren’t merely not talking ot each other; we could hardly look at each other. When we were just about at the cracking point, we fortunately found out about Charmaine’s couples therapy.


We had a long session of her Body Talk, where little by little we came to connect with each other. In the process we bared all, uncovering naked truths about insecurities and abandonment issues deep-seated since early childhood. All the talk about having a baby had exposed them all.


The sessions brought us to a critically defining moment in our relationship. We had learned to look at each other in a completely different light. Charmaine taught us how to communicate better and be in tune with one another


I really could not be more appreciative of her. Body Talk is a therapy I had never been aware of. The benefits were massively better than with conventional sit-down therapy.


I recommend Charmaine to every couple out there - she's a real star! We've been endlessly grateful to her and so happy that we came to know her.


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