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Kokoro Therapy is a psychotherapy practice that offers a range of therapeutic services to its clients. Recently, I have launched podcasts, providing an additional platform for discussing important topics related to mental health and wellbeing. I invite you to explore my recent projects and learn more about Kokoro Therapy.

Listen to this rich and moving exploration of how racism hurts a mixed race couple.  You will meet Neha who is Indian and Simon who is white, and hear how, with the sensitive guidance of body-psychotherapist, Charmaine invites them to communicate across the divide. 

Image by Matheus Viana
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Since the killing of George Floyd there has been a surge of interest from both white folks and BIPOC (black indigenous people of colour) who are going through a wave of self-examination wondering how to deal with the emotional impact of race in our society and how to talk about racism. They are reading books, talking to friends and both white folks and BIPOC are entering into discussions with each other.

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