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body talk

I developed Body Talk therapy as the fusion of counseling, body work, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. It is designed to systematically address the specific concerns of the client.


Body talk can help you find relief and recovery from the symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome /Disorder (PTSS/PTS).


Body talk calms the mind, and allows for energetic release of tension in the body which has built up over the course of time. It stimulates the body’s natural capacity to heal physical, emotional and psychological issues without the client having to undergo a long, drawn-out procedure of therapy.


Psychological struggles and trauma become suppressed and stored in the body, unable to be dislodged, causing chronic pain, digestive problems, lethargy, numbness and loss of mobility.


Common causes of such trauma are relationship break-ups, job loss, debilitating illness, bereavement, abuse, accident and academic failure.


When you focus attention not just on your thoughts but on your feelings and sensations, you can become skilled at self-regulation.


You come to know what you are feeling. You learn how to say what you mean – ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’  and ‘no’ when you mean ‘no’.


Body Talk gives you the tools and strategies to release stress and tension, so that you may fully self-regulate before your life gets out of control.

what is trauma?

I did a series of Body Talk treatments over a year and I can only say that it was the most incredible therapeutic experience I've ever had.  My body was a wreck; I couldn't even walk straight due to injuries. 


During the course of the treatments I became aware that it wasn't just the injuries that were causing me pain, but a whole host of deep internal issues that were physically affecting me.


The treatments helped me to release a whole load of junk that I was carrying around with me.  I would recommend and have recommended it to anyone wanting to get on with their life and looking for a helping hand.

A. Bailey

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