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Charmaine McCaulay


Account no: 30034096

Sort Code: 20-03-84

Reference: "Counselling"

body talk
90 Minutes      £120

Body talk calms the mind, and allows for energetic release of tension in the body which has built up over the course of time. It stimulates the body’s natural capacity to heal physical, emotional and psychological issues without the client having to undergo a long, drawn-out procedure of therapy.

50 Minutes      £110

Sessions are tailored to your needs as a couple and are built around establishing a compassionate awareness of each other’s vulnerabilities, strengths, and communications strategies.

50 Minutes      £85

Individual Therapy encompasses counseling sessions and you may include Body Talk if you choose. The sessions are confidential and are tailored to your needs. They are built around establishing a space of safety and trust, for you to share your struggles, thoughts and feelings. 

50 Minutes      £70

Imagine the sensation of disappearing into the softness of your own body, releasing tension as you slide into a gentle state of relaxation and let go of all the stresses and strains of the day. As you let go you experience a state of calmness and wholeness that gently revitalizes the body, increasing energy levels and stimulating all-over health.

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