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COVID-19 Online Support Group for People of Colour

We are really excited to be able to offer a free support group for individuals identifying as a person of colour.


We hope that this will be a respectful and safe space to discuss issues concerning any struggles that you may have regarding the coronavirus.


We understand that as a person of colour your day to day existence can be fraught with social-economic, political, and health care injustices simply by being non-white.


You may be finding that the coronavirus has exacerbated the situation. Having to be isolated from friends and family, navigating privacy, loss of work, managing homeschooling, may now add another layer to the usual burden of daily life.


During this heightened worrying time, there are very few safe spaces for people of colour.  Therefore we are offering a welcoming oasis to be with other people of colour who may also be feeling anxious and powerless.


This group is here to foster our spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical welfare.


We will introduce some practical exercises and advice on how to manage anxiety and the importance of self-care as a basis for taking care of others.


This group has no specific agenda other than being an open space where you can speak your mind, be heard and feel encouraged by others who are also struggling to make sense of an unprecedented event.

If you are interested in joining our group please proceed to fill in your details in the form below:
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What are you hoping to gain by attending this group?

Previous experience of counselling, if any:


Details of any special needs:

Thank you for answering the questions, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet the team

Charmaine McCaulay

I am an accredited integrative counselor, who considers the client to be addressed as a whole person. This means that each individual is seen as a composite of feelings, thoughts, emotions, and even the intangible aspect called the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

Lizzie Cummings

I am a fully qualified Drama and Movement therapist (MA) with 16 years of professional experience, having trained with the Sesame Institute at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  This training follows a Jungian approach to the imagination and the unconscious, combined with the movement psychology of Laban. 

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