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individual counselling

We all want to experience the full vitality that life can offer, feeling empowered and making decisions that will let us fulfill our aspirations and dreams.  We embrace and celebrate the joyous moments, but they can sometimes elude us.


Whatever the reason, whether it be because of bereavement, or loss of work, or a beloved pet, unhealthy thinking patterns that keep us from moving forward and continue to be a source of pain and suffering. Perhaps we might be afflicted with depression or anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs. For some this may mean having to deal with chronic pain and the terrible sensation of being immobilized.


When you come to feel that the world is just not a nice a place to be in, Individual Therapy can help you regain your equilibrium, your confidence, and your zeal for life, getting you back in touch with the real, authentic you.  

Individual Therapy encompasses counseling sessions and you may include Body Talk if you choose. The sessions are confidential and are tailored to your needs. They are built around establishing a space of safety and trust, for you to share your struggles, thoughts and feelings. 

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