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Welcome to Kokoro

Your centre for healing and transformation

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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do
Kokoro is a Japanese word that means mind/body and soul.  Kokoro is unique in its holistic embrace, with a range of therapies that include Integrative psychotherapeutic counselling, Body Talk, and sports and remedial massage. I can address your entire being - physical, emotional, psychological and even the intangible soul/spiritual pain. Kokoro is special, offering you the choice of a single therapy or a combination of therapies to best suit your needs.
Rock Balancing
Issues addressed include:
-   Frozen shoulder
-   Repetitive strain injury
-   Sciatica 
-   Tennis elbow
-   Stiff neck
-   Migraine
-   Osgood Schlatter disease
-   Insomnia  
-   Rehab after surgery
-   Depression         
-   Children’s growing pain
-   Eating disorder

-   Post-traumatic stress
-   Bereavement
-   Divorce/Separation
-   Anxiety
-   Low self-esteem
-   Anger management
-   Abuse
-   Academic performance
-   Identity
-   Racial Issues
Everyone deserves compassion and a space to be heard. In supporting you, my approach is to help you explore how your past may be influencing your present situation.
Kokoro provides a warm, nurturing therapeutic atmosphere where you can take a step back and have a chance to unwind in the process of finding out who you really are.
The aim is to aid you in turning your life around, setting out on a new road, and heading to take charge of your future.
About Me

Are you looking for a holistic healing journey? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I am an accredited body psychotherapist trained at the prestigious minster center and I work with all aspects of the self, including the mind, body, and spirit.

In our journey together, your whole background can be embraced- ancestors, feelings, somatic sensations, spiritual considerations, everything you sense in your world.

If you are in conflict with your body, if you feel like your body is fighting you, I can help you make peace with it. There is no part of your existence which is not welcomed here. We will work with both the apparent and the hidden, the least knowable parts of your self that remain in the dark but still tell, a story which we can reveal. If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, alone, stuck, overwhelmed, or having relationship or work issues, I can help.


Maybe there are days when you hate what you see in the mirror – bad hair days, seeing bags under your eyes, just feeling ugh, wondering what is the point of me. Come to the place where you can lay your weary head and open your heart - a place to find relief from emotional, mental, spiritual and physical stress. Maybe you have never been invited or never been allowed to simply show up as you are. 

What ever your trauma or however you identify in terms of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, please know that you are welcomed.

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Charmaine McCaulay
About Me

Letting go of trauma



Charmaine is vivacious and has a kind heart which enhanced healing and made visits to her delightful, I heartily recommend her.

Carol, Medical Doctor

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